Thursday, July 5, 2012

Social Media and Your Mobile App, Pt 2 - Custom Tabs and a Centralizing Submenu

While syncing your social media feeds with the Buzz area of your mobile suite will centralize your dynamic content into a single area for your mobile audience, you also want to provide your fans with the ability to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, etc.  The video below shows you two simple ways to add this feature to your app.

In the video, we talk about using the mobile-friendly URLs for your social media accounts. Here are the standard mobile-friendly formats for some of the more popular social networks:

  • Facebook -- 
  • Flickr --
  • Google+ --
    • Find your Google+ ID number by going to your Google+ profile page. The number is located in the URL address between 0/ and /posts. For example:
  • MySpace -- Unfortunately, you cannot take them directly to your mobile page.  They will need to go to, then login and search for you.
  • Pinterest --
  • Tumblr -- These blogs are already mobile optimized, so you can use your standard blog address.
  • Twitter --
  • YouTube --

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