Monday, August 19, 2013

Recent Changes to Twitter and What That Means for Your App

For those of you who have your mobile app configured to pull content from your Twitter stream into the Buzz area of your app, you may have noticed that your Twitter posts have not been appearing in your app.

What happened

Earlier this summer, Twitter made a major change to how they feed content to other web services by switching from RSS / XML code to JSON.  Correspondingly, the RSS / XML feed link you entered into the Buzz area of the mobile suite is no longer active.

What you can do

The infrastructure for the Buzz area currently relies on RSS / XML code to import content from social media and other sites, so incorporating your Twitter content into the Buzz section of your app is not possible at this time.

While we explore our options for reintegrating Twitter with Buzz, we suggest creating a custom tab in your mobile app for your Twitter stream.

  1. From the InstantEncore dashboard, go to Mobile >> Tabs.
  2. Scroll down past the list of current tabs to the section labeled "Add a Custom Tab."
  3. Enter a text label for the new tab.  You might use "Twitter," "Updates," or "Follow us on Twitter."
  4. Select the icon to associate with the new tab.  We have included a commonly recognized Twitter icon in our library for you to use, if you like.
  5. In the "Content" area, select "Display an existing web page."
  6. In the URL box, enter
  7. Click on the "Create" button.
Your Twitter profile will now appear as a tab within your mobile app. It's that easy!