Monday, June 6, 2016

Partner Showcase - Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) has been enriching the lives of audiences with world-class music for 120 years.  In 2012, PSO launched their mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

We recently caught up with PSO's Joyce DeFrancesco, Director of Media Relations, to find out what prompted this established performing arts organization to launch their own mobile app and how have patrons responded to it.

Joyce DeFrancesco
Why did you decide to offer a mobile app for your patrons? 
When we began considering a mobile app, it was clear that mobile viewing of our site was growing. Having a mobile app would provide a better customer experience for our users.

Why did you choose InstantEncore’s mobile app solution? 
We reviewed a variety of options when selecting a mobile app solution. Instant Encore stood out because the framework is geared towards performing arts organizations. Also, they have a relationship and understanding of Tessitura, our ticketing database, if we should choose to integrate. 

PSO Mobile App
Click on image for a closer look
How have you promoted your mobile app to your patrons? 
We include a notice about our mobile app in our monthly e-newsletters and e-blasts about specific concerts. We push it on our social media and in many print publications.

What are the main benefits of your mobile app for your patrons? 
The mobile app provides our patrons with up-to-the-minute information about the concerts they’ll be attending and an easy way to provide them with links and access to even more information!

Which feature do you like best? Why? 
The push notification feature and its targeting function has been a wonderful way for us to get information and special offers to the patrons who are interested in a direct and noticeable alert. 

What’s the feedback on the app been like from your patrons? 
We haven’t received much feedback on the app, which we take as a good sign. When people don’t like something, they usually don’t hesitate to let you know! This is a “no news is good news” situation.

PSO welcomes app users to the concert with a geofence push notification.
Click on image for a closer look.

How easy was it to implement your app? 
The app was very easy to implement. We simply had to entered our concerts and created any pages we wanted. After that, we alerted Instant Encore, and they launched it in the app store.

What has customer support been like? 
Customer support is a breeze with Instant Encore. They are very responsive to any questions – from emergencies to simple inquiries.

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