Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Promoting Your Mobile App Just Got Easier

Recently, InstantEncore updated our mobile package to provide an added dimension of auto-detection which helps our partners to streamline their efforts to promote their mobile apps.

Now when someone visits your standard website, it will not only detect if the visitor is coming from a mobile device, but it will also determine what type of mobile device the visitor is using.

  • If the mobile visitor is using an Android or Apple device, they will be presented with a screen which gives them with two choices:  (1) download the app, or (2) continue to the mobile website.
  • If the mobile visitor is using any other type of mobile device, they will be taken directly to the mobile website.
The major implication for this update is that you no longer need to promote your mobile offerings with separate messaging.  No need to direct mobile users to the Apple or Android app stores.  Simply direct your audience to visit to your standard web address on their mobile device, and InstantEncore will handle the rest.

To ensure that your mobile package is integrated with your standard website in this manner, take a moment to complete these steps:
  1. Log into your InstantEncore account
  2. Select "Manage Mobile"
  3. Go to "Mobile Web Setup" in the menu on the left
  4. Copy the snippet of code provided in the area marked "Set up your website to recognize mobile devices"
  5. Paste this code into <head></head> area of your website's HTML code
    (...or have your trusty website manager do it for you.)

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